Ba Ba Black Sheep, have you any cake, marshmallows…wait what?

Wait a second that’s not how the rhyme goes! Well any excuse to eat a cupcake, right? And a chocolate cupcake, covered in marshmallows…girllllllll you better give me one right now!


So what inspired this? Pinterest of course! That paried with a serious craving for moist chocolatey cupcakes.

I followed a standard chocolate cake (my favorite is Ina Garten’s) recipe and filled about 24 cupcake liners 2/3 full. I opted to use regular paper liners because it’s all I had on hand. While the cakes were cooking I whipped up a simple vanilla buttercream and assembled the sheep-heads. Okay so that sounds horribly cannibalistic… but no – you can rest assured, these were made of tootsie rolls and candy eyes. Next, top each frosted cupcake by carefully lining mini-marshmallows. I can’t lie, after a while I got impatient and was tempted to dunk the frosted cupcakes into the big bowl of marshmallows to save time. But trust me taking the time to place them individually really makes a difference. Lastly, make room for the tootsie-head, or just pop off a few marshmallows (and eat them, woops – sorry diet) and ta-da!

Follow the steps below to make your own! I’d love to see you guys give these a go! Baaaaaaaa 🙂












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We all grew up watching Big Bird, Elmo and Ernie on Sesame Street as kids. My favorite character was the cookie monster – with his bright blue muppet fuzz, wonky eyes and love for chocolate chip cookies – how could I resist? We both  LOVE cookies! I decided to make a few cake pops in the theme of the cookie monster NOM NOM NOM. I’ve always found cake pops to be far more difficult to make than cakes, cupcakes or just candy because they require a lot of patience. I tried photographing as much of it as a I could – but had to work extremely fast because the candy melts dry ever-so quickly. I decided to take the pops off the stick and place them in shiny blue candy cups to compliment the candy color – but you could very well keep them on the sticks.


You want to begin by making a standard yellow cake, in this case I used a box mix just to make my life slightly easier – shhh don’t tell anyone! I would recommend using butter instead of oil when making cake pops because the oil in the cake tends to ooze out of the candy shell once the cake pops dry otherwise – so avoid oil, and feel free to use butter or applesauce instead. Once the cake is baked, crumble it and mix in three tablespoons of your favorite butter cream frosting. I used a cream cheese butter cream. Once you mix it up, you need to incorporate the cake and frosting to make a very dense pastry dough type consistency. Make one inch balls out of the cake and refrigerate for at least an hour. Once the balls have chilled, cut out small mouth shapes in the center of each cake pop to make the cookie monster mouth, then return to the fridge for another hour or so.



Once the balls are chilled, you are ready to make the candy coating! I used Wilton candy melts in blue.  The trick to getting the candy melts to the perfect consistency, is to add in one table spoon of shortening or oil to the candy melts before microwaving. Remember to microwave in 30 second intervals, and stir in-between to avoid the candy from seizing. The candy coating is in the perfect consistency when it falls back in a ribbon like fashion. I placed each cake ball on a lollipop stick and quickly dipped it into the candy coating mixture and shook off any excess. Before it dried (in a ridiculously speedy 10 second window) I attached a pair of candy eyes and sprinkled on some blue sanding sugar to resemble the fuzz. Last but not least, I placed a single cookie wafer (cookie crisp cereal was the perfect size) into his mouth – to make him go ga ga for cookies!

They looked adorable and tasted fantastic. I hope you guys will give these a go!


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Happy New Year!

Hello my lovely followers! I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year! I hope everyone brought in the new year with bang. I spent the night with some of my dearest friends at the National Gaylord Resort in Washington D.C. For those of you who may not have been, its a beautiful venue located in the newly developed National Harbor right outside of the hub of the capital.

With the new year comes reflections on the year prior and resolutions for the upcoming year. 2013 was a year of tremendous personal growth, where I took on a lot of challenges and used them to become the fiercely independent woman that I am today. Instead of making resolutions for this new year, I’d like to continue to challenge myself in similar ways to be the best I can possibly be in all of my pursuits. I encourage all of you to step into this new year with the strength of the world behind us to make it our best year yet. Here’s to another fabulous year, cheers!

Below are a few pictures of the magnificent Gaylord and my NYE outfit. I chose to wear a shimmery, cut-out sequin dress from forever21 (still available here) and a pair of classic Steve Madden open toe wedges. I kept my jewelry very minimal, with a pair of crystal drop earrings and a simple bangle. PS. If you’re wondering about the sparkles  on my eyes…they’re actually rhinestones! I tried out a new make up technique and would be more than happy to share in an upcoming post.


ImageImage Image

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Sequins and Sparkles

Hello my lovely followers! I apologize for having not posted any content in so long, life has gotten extremely hectic recently – but I’m now back on track! I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your loving friends and family. Thanksgiving is the turning point to the holidays, suddenly we have Christmas decor galore and everyone is throwing holiday parties! I think a go to this season, is the sequin printed mini, I saw them everywhere while I ventured out on black friday. I’ve styled this one with black tights and a chambray shirt (on sale) with a bold statement necklace (similar). I think it’s a lovely casual, yet chic look for the season.


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Rubbery Ducky You’re the One


I recently whipped up these cupcakes for a friend’s baby shower. The cupcakes had a rich fudge chocolate chip cake with whipped vanilla butter cream frosting topped with sugar pearls and a fondant rubber ducky. I used this recipe, and was told the cake was extremely moist and delicious! I chose to use deep white baking cups as opposed to traditional cupcake liners, to resemble a bath tub.

Image 1 Image 2Image 3

I began with the cooled cupcake. Iced the buttercream using a ziploc baggie with a corner cut out, nothing fancy here! I then topped it with  sugar pearls to resemble the bubbles in the tub. And lastly topped it off with the handmade rubber ducky. The instructions to make the rubber ducky are below – it was quite simple!

Image 6Image 7Image 4Image 5

Begin by coloring the majority of your fondant a deep yellow, and part of it orange for the beak. Roll a ball about the size of a nickel and a smaller one the size of a pea. I flattened a large portion of the orange fondant using a rolling pin and cut out small triangles using a knife. I stacked the smaller ball on top of the larger one, added the beak and lastly the sprinkles for the eyes. I used just a few drops of water to hold it altogether.

And voila, there you have it! My friends couldn’t believe the entire cupcake was edible.I hope you guys give these a try and let me know how they turned out 🙂 And in the mean time, here’s a little number to get your morning going…

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She had Roses in her Hair


Vintage hair pieces are definitely coming back into trend this season. And what better way to get all the different styles than by making them yourselves! Pick up a small square of fabric and cut out two consecutively sized circles. I chose a damask vintage rose print fabric because it looked rather vintage. Image

Fray the fabric using your fingers, it will make the fabric look far more aged.Image

Roughly pleat the fabric circles. Seal the pleats using hot glue. You could also stitch the pleats down, but I’m not too good with the needle and chose to go with glue!Image

Stack the roses one on top of another and add a jewel to the center. The jewel I used came from a broken earring.Image

Lastly, attach a bobby pin and wear in your hair. You could also add a pin and wear the rose as a brooch. The possibilities are endless when you use a little imagination!

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Loco for Moto, Lusting after Leather

With fall around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning our wardrobes again! I hate reorganizing every few months, so I try to keep staple pieces in my closet all year round. I think layering is a fantastic way to transition all your summer items into fall.  Moto jackets are in stores in so many fantastic colors, textures and designs. I can’t wait to get my hands on a few!
Moto Jackets


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A wise cookie once said: A Lifetime of Happiness Lies Ahead of You


I have 11 minutes to spare until the clock strikes midnight, but I’m here and determined to make my daily posts a reality! After a busy day, I decided to wind down at dinner with my family and close relatives. It’s always fun to catch up over a scrumptious meal! We decided on PF Changs. Now, I must say I’m not a huge fan – but tonight was definitely worth indulging.


I love authentic chinese food, therefore the Americanized menu at PF Changs raised a few eyebrows. I ordered the Singapore noodles, it was delicious – a perfectly spiced curry sauce tossed in with vermicelli noodles with shrimp and chicken. We indulged in the Banana Spring Rolls served with fresh berries and coconut ice cream. It was a smashing night!

Now, I know the 300 million dollar Powerball is tonight….don’t play my numbers guys! :p


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WHERE DID AUGUST COME FROM? It literally just snuck up on me! It feels like it was May, just yesterday! I hope August slows down a bit, so we can all make the most of this last month of Summer.

I’m sure many of you have read, on many blogs – that August is in fact Blogust – meaning that I am hereby taking a blogoath to post everyday this month! Okay, okay so I’m a day behind already…but here it goes! I hope I can write interesting enough content to keep you guys coming back on the daily.

Last week I decided to head down to the historic downtown area of where I live. It’s a quaint neighborhood, which dates back into the 1800’s. In fact, it’s just how you’d imagine a picturesque historic town to be; it’s filled with intriguing antique shops, wafting aromas of freshly ground coffee beans from the many coffee shops and homemade ice cream vendors boasting all sorts of imaginative flavors. I snapped a few pictures while moseying in and out of the many shops down the cobblestone roads.


My jeans are high wasted cigarette stone washed grey from Urban Outfitters, and my shirt is a tulip back striped shirt from Forever21. Also, it was one of my first attempts at rocking a sock bun, I think my bun looks bigger than my head!

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Hoorah for Prince George!

I’m sure you’ve heard, unless you’ve been living under some giant ton of a rock, Prince William and Kate welcomed precious prince George into the world on Monday. So in ode of the new born Prince (it all sounds so proper) I thought I’d share my photos from my trip when we visited Buckingham Palace!



ImageMuch like the rest of the trip, it rained on this particular day too – but that wasn’t going to stop us from paying a visit to her royal highness! I was enamoured by the intricate detailing on all the fences, signs and metalwork surrounding Buckingham Palace. The flag was flying high and mighty on display atop the Palace, a sure sign the Queen herself was home that very day.


We spent the rest of the day touring the area and stopped by Trafalgar Square to snap a few photos with those famous lions. We then hopped on the tube to shop at Harrod’s; London and possibly the world’s most exquisite shopping experience. We picked out a few affordable goodies that weren’t going to break the bank, before treating ourselves to some afternoon high tea in the opulent Tea Room. We decided to share a pot of Chai tea and a three tiered platter with fancy pastries, fresh baked scones with clotted cream and jam and a lovely selection of finger sandwiches.



Since returning home, I’ve gone through my little jars and tins of treats that in those infamous green Harrod’s bags. I’ll always remember that fun filled day, it was fit for a Queen!

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